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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Times to Remember

Back to NY...Just a little more about Jack's fundraiser. The fundraiser was a success in many aspects. Hosting the party was Marion Barber, a college friend of mine, giving individual, and one of the best running backs out there.  The foundation raised a good amount of money to continue supporting families in Malawi.  Jack was also presented with a Congressional Certificate by Congressman Charles Rangel. To celebrate this prestigious Certificate, Congressman Rangel, Jack, other foundation supporters and I were invited to ring the NYSE bell.  I would say a pretty big deal.  Here are a couple pictures from the exciting event.

Like I said before I am so proud of Jack.  And I thank him for letting me be a part of this once in a lifetime event. I will never forget the energy in the NYSE...even though it was a bad day.  It was like being in a whole different world. They did invite us to come back sometime so I might have to take them up on that offer. Thank you Kat for organizing everything and being the great person you are. You are going to take this foundation to another level.

I have to say that my feet were killing me.  After spending the night before in a pair of heels for almost 8 hours and then trying to put another pair on for this feet were mad at me.  Since I we are on the topic of heels, I just want to show you the fabulous shoes I wore for the fundraiser event.  I have never had so many men and women compliment me on a pair of shoes.  I didn't really count, but I kind of did.  I think I got about 15 compliments on my shoes that night...I would say they were a big hit. I even got to practice some Italian with a couple that wanted to know where I bought them...check them out!!!!

Not the most comfortable shoe but it was worth of the hottest shoes of the season. Thank you Mr. Guiseppe Zanotti for being a fabulous designer.  Okay, where was I....After the ringing of the bell, we headed to one of my favorite spots (I have many) Dos Caminos in Soho. We had an early dinner then headed back to the hotel and didn't wake until morning.  I was a little bummed I wasted a night in NY, but I knew Kat and I needed the rest.

Saturday I put my UGGS on and decided to help the economy a little...well turned out to be a lot.  I went shopping on 5th Ave.  I was supposed to meet Kat and her friend Brianna in Soho for a warehouse sale but I never made it.  Lets just say I had a successful day.  I love shopping in NY.  You find things that you can't find anywhere else.  My best find was the store Blanc de Chine.  Absolutely unbelievable. I loved everything about the store from the architecture of the store to all of their clothes.  It is my new favorite brand check out the website  I also did the normal visit to Saks 5th after hearing that they are in major trouble and might end up closing.  I don't believe it. I don't think the original Saks will ever be gone...but maybe I am just trying to convince myself of this. Other stores I visited were Henri Bendel (I love how they display all of their merchandise), Louis Vuitton (where I bought one of my best friends bday gift, can't wait to give it to him), YSL (shoes to die for), and many more.  It was quite a day...with more to come.

NY has so much to offer, but one thing that needs to be mentioned are the restaurants.  I love to go to my regular favorites Le Pain Quotidien, Cafeteria, Nobu, Buddakan, Matsuri, Tao, Asia de Cuba, just to mention a few. But I also like to try new ones. I am officially obsessed with Japanese food, and the rest of the group agreed on it so we tried the restaurant Megu.  It was to die for.  Not only was the food amazing but the decor in the lounge area was breathtaking.  I will definitely be stealing some decorating ideas when I get my own home.  We started at Megu and ended up checking out a couple late night spots Tenjune, and HOM.  I had heard a lot of hype about Tenjune...unfortunately I was disappointed.  But still had a great time with the group of people I was with.

Kat and I had promised Brianna that we would venture over to Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for brunch the next morning.  Great little area. We ate at a fabulous restaurant the Roebling Tea Room a definite must try.  The trout was amazing along with the cinnamon can yo go wrong with a place that serves cinnamon toast right? We walked our brunch off as we attempted to find a taxi.  Not as easy in those neck of the woods.  Finally we found one, headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags and we headed off to the airport.

The trip was a success...thank you Jack, Kat, Brianna, and everyone else that made my NY trip one to remember.

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