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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rewind: Flashback Song of the Week

I know music can have an impact on people, but was again reminded of it this past weekend. I had a big weekend planned with tow of my girlfriends Christi and Jenna.  Christi decided to make a CD for the ride to dinner which ended up being on tract 1 the rest of the night.  Little did we know that Track 1 would have such and impact on ours and others night.

I call it the flashback song because I don't really think it can be called old school just yet.  I know you all are dying to know what song it was.  And unfortunately I have been trying to figure out for days how to post a youtube video on my blog but I guess I'm not as good with computers as I thought.  And I am sorry I can;t figure it out because I don"t feel like you can completely understand how much of an impact this song has, and I guarantee you will know every word to this song and it will make you want to hold your cellphone up to your mouth like a microphone and start singing like you are Whitney Houston.  Oooopppps...I gave it away.  The flashback song of the the week is...(drum roll) I will always love you by Whitney Houston.  A picture of Whit is going to have to do until someone writes me a comment on how to post videos...hint hint.
Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd IIIIIIIIIIIIII...oh sorry just had a flashback.

Just a couple highlights of the night...

On the ride to dinner, I taught the girls how to use their cellphone as a microphone and also gave them the option of using a water bottle.  I don’t know about you but I always have multiple FIJI water bottles(Lindsey Berg’s water of choice except of course for Hawaii tap water) laying around the car. I think we played the song a good 3 and a half times before we arrived at one of my favorite Twin Cities restaurants Cafe Lurcat (1624 Harmon Place Minneapolis).  It was restaurant week in MN which means they have a prefixed menu with choices for 1st, 2nd, and dessert for a very reasonable price. We all started off with the apple, cheese and chive or is it apple, chive and cheese salad...either way it is to die for.  I need to learn how to make it.  Then surprisingly, but not really we all had the Miso Sea bass...unbelievable...i like to compare it to Nobu’s miso cod.  And of course to top it all off we had a selection of desserts but my favorite is the mini donuts.   I know what nice restaurant serves mini donuts??? This one...and they are incredible. We had a fabulous server I will have to find out his name for you...It makes me happy to see people enjoying their jobs and making the most of them.

After dinner we headed to Chambers, a fabulous, chic, modern boutique hotel in Minneapolis.  As we were driving of course we were listening to Whitney again, I mean really no other way at this point...we were officially addicted.  We soon found out that we had the music up so loud that everyone could hear it.  A taxi pulled up next to us with a group of fun individuals that ended up rolling down their windows and sang Whitney with us...some how they already knew the cellphone/mic requirement without me telling them.  They even got more into it and pretended to play the sax during the part of the song.  Definitely a group to reckon with for the most fun people of the night.  Jenna taught us that motto...wherever we go, we are the most fun people there.  We got the gold that night.  Oh one more thing, thanks to the Chambers valet for getting on his knees and singing Whitney to us...we didn’t even have to ask him to.

Ladies take a break while I’m in Italy...give Whit a little first weekend back “The Return of Whitney” u.

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