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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Italia

One of the perks of being a professional volleyball player is you get to travel all around the world.  One of the negatives is you miss all sorts of important and special events like Christmas with the family.  Luckily I have one of my close friends Logan close to me.  Her Mom is in town for the Holidays and they were nice enough to have me over for Christmas Eve dinner.  The food was absolutely amazing...I felt right at home. A big thank you to Logan and her Mom...

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, spinach, squash, and green beans

The cooks...Logan & her Mom

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday with the ones that mean the most to you.  As for my family and friends...I miss you...see you soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow makes me want to go home...

Here is my car...I can't go anywhere on my own.  6 days until I come home...or LA that is...I can't wait.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ugly win...

Villa Cortese vs. Pavia 23-25, 25-27, 25-17, 25-22, 15-7

Last night we were able to pull off a win even though we played some ugly volleyball.  After 2 very close close sets luckily my team and I pulled it together and came back to get that win.  Unfortunately by going 5 we only got 2 points and are now tied for 1st with Pesaro instead of being alone at the top. We have one more big game before I get to go back to LA for 5 days.  There is lots of talk about this next game because it is considered a derby since the other city is 10 min from our city and is actually the city I live in.

Busto Arsizio up next...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In action...

Just a couple new volley pictures for your entertainment...this is big...all of you close to me know I'm not a fan of pictures...

Got that one up...then got my hand stepped on by Tai...but we won the point

I need to work on my deception..that set is going back for sure

Jump serving since I was 9...

Momma & Nonna in Italia

A little less then a month ago my Mom and Grandma (Nonna in Italian) aka Lala visited me in Italy for about 10 days.  They always visit me at least once every year in Italy.  This year they got to see a new little city (Busto Arsizio...where I live but do not play) and spend some time in Milan.  We spent Thanksgiving at the Westin Palace in Milan.  Had a great dinner...not exactly like the real deal Thanksgiving meal...but I can't complain.  Lala, my Mom, Logan and I had a fabulous night appreciating family and friends. Here are a couple pictures from the trip...

Mom, Lala, & I after a big win

Mom, Lala, & Flavio (Sponsor) what a great guy...

Lala & I in Milano

Corso Como 10, Milano

Just want to thank my Mom and Lala for making the trip once again.  There is nothing like family and I am so blessed to have the best family in the world.

I love you.

Hard Core...

Recently I have had more of an edgy style.  A lot of simple black pieces with statement scarfs, jewelry, shoes, and are a couple of my recent purchases...

CC SKYE - Wicked Ring

CC SKYPE - Stud Hinge Bracelet

Alexander Wang - Coco Duffel

CC SKYE - Spike Hoop Earrings

Assad Mounser - Moonage Daydream Collar

My mom told me no bullets...but I couldn't pass this necklace up...i think it is incredible...can't wait to get to LA and wear it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pallavolo Update

Just a little pallavolo (volleyball) update.

Villa Cortese vs. Pesaro 25-22, 14-25, 26-24, 19-25, 15-12

Pesaro is one on my ex's.  I spent my first 3 years in Italy in Pesaro.  It is a great little city and I had wonderful years there.  But it was definitely time to move on when I did, but I appreciate the time I spent there and all the great people I met in Pesaro.  This game was going to be a challenge...playing again without one of our star players.  But the team came together, played with heart and never game up and came out with a huge win.  Felt great getting another w...Next up was Heather Bown's (Olympic teammate/friend) team Jesi.

Villa Cortese vs. Jesi 25-20, 22-25, 25-11, 25-17

Going into this game we were in 2nd place and Jesi was 1 point ahead of us in first.  In all of my years in Italy, Jesi has always had a strong team.  We knew we had to play some good volleyball to pull out a win.  It was great having Tai Aguero back playing, and we were playing for 1st place, and a possible 3 days off.  We didn't play our best but it was good enough. Another win and 3 days of relaxation...what else could we ask for.  Next up Pavia...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My lil nest...

As I have mentioned before...I bought a loft in Downtown LA this summer.  Since I have been gone I have been doing some work on is a picture of my new kitchen...sorry about the plastic on the light...

The picture does it no justice...but I love it.  I can't wait til everything is finished...hopefully fist week of January.  More pictures to come...Housewarming in June....

Season Update

I have played 3 games since I got back from my mini vacation.  They were all tough for different reasons.  We game out 2-1 and really should have been 3-0 but better to get that loss out of the way.

Villa Cortese vs. Novara  25-21, 23-25, 25-15, 17-25, 15-13

This was an intense game.  First of all after having almost 3 weeks off from games it is always going to be difficult to play in the first one.  Second there was a lot of talk going on in the newspapers, our organization to their organization and it was getting ugly.  Third I was playing against 2 of my best friends, Vally and Logan.  Logan had a great game like always and Vally came in off the bench a help a lot.  Personally I didn't have my best game but I guess it was enough to pull off a big win.  I think it help having my mom and grandma there for the support.  Also it was great to see my Italian family... Vally's parents and brother.

Villa Cortese vs Urbino  25-27, 21-25, 27-29

I rather not talk about this one.  Lets just say it was one of those games where nothing went right.  But Urbino is a strong team and they have beat 3 of the top teams this season...but we still should have won this game and that is all I will say.  We will get then next time.

Villa Cortese vs. Piacenza 21-25, 25-15, 25-18, 25-17

We started off slow...playing without one of our best players.  But actually picked it up and ended up playing one of our lowest error matches.  The whole team really contributed and it was a good opportunity for our team to gain confidence going into our next match.

Pesaro is of my ex's

Gopher Land

I got back to Minneapolis on Thursday ready for a great dinner with 2 of my great friends.  I met Laura and Kat at the new restaurant in the warehouse district of Minneapolis.  It is called Bar La Grassa.  Ofcourse now that I'm living in Italy again all I wanted to do was eat Italian when I was in the States..not really...but I couldn't pass up trying the new restaurant in the city.  Things to try if you go there...

Beet and Avocado with Citrus
Ricotta and Roasted Tomato Bruschetta
Silk Hankerchiefs with Basil Pesto
Pappardelle with Veal Ragu

Very cool interior...a mix of industrial and elegance.  Loved it.  Great company, wine and food.  I was also very lucky that my good friend Kevin stopped by to say hi.  Always great to see him and always makes the conversations interesting.

Friday I had a lot to do.  First stop ARP wave clinic where I did most of my knee rehab this past year.  Good to see Phil who helped me a lot and got some other ideas on how to stay healthy.  Next stop Mall of America.  I can't go to Minneapolis and not visit my friends at Nordstroms.  I had a great shopping day but fortunately didn't buy too much.  Here is one great piece that I did get...


Mike & Chris Studded Leather Jacket w/ Hood

I love my jacket...I have worn it with jeans, leggings, a dress.  So much you can do with a piece like this.    Get one...but preferably not the same one.

After a long day it was time to get ready for the Gopher Volleyball game.  I was excited to see the girls in action since I was the volunteer coach for them last spring.  I was also very excited to see my old teammate and great friend Nicole Branagh along with some other MN alums.  Nicole went to the  Beijing Olympics as well but played on the she is in action.

After the first set...Nicole and I were surprised with a...can you guys go to the center of the court and be introduced?  I had no idea this was going to happen...and of course I was dressed in one of my high fashion, out there outfits.  Over the knee report signature boots, american apparel leather leggings, Maison Martin Margiela shirt, mike & chris leather jacket, and Louis Vuitton camo was quite an outfit, and the MN volleyball crowd was not prepared for it.  Luckily we were out there for only about 2 embarrassing minutes.  The ladies pulled out a quick win...which I enjoyed since I don't normally like to watch volleyball on my time off.  The team and alums gathered in the team room was great seeing everyone.  And thanks to Jenna, Kat and Paz for being my support group at the game.


Paz & Kat

After the game Jenna and I met my good friends Quincy and JB at JD Hoyts.  Another favorite of mine in the have to get a buddy bowl with catfish...incredible.  Turned out to be a great night.  I had to get a little rest for the big tailgating in the morning with Jenna and the crew for the Gopher football game.

It was my first time seeing the new Gopher football stadium finished.  I was lucky my flight didn't leave until 3 so I got to partake in the fun tailgating festivities and see half of the game.  On the menu for tailgating was a Thanksgiving feast.  I was very excited about this cause I didn't know if I was going to have turkey on Thanksgiving.  Great food, and drinks and now it was game time.  Here is Jenna as we make our way to the stadium.


Great outfit...


The stadium was so beautiful.  Luckily it was incredibly warm...I actually got hot at the game since Jenna's seats were in the sun.  It was a fabulous day.  Actually a fabulous week.  I want to thank my team for getting 10 points in the first 4 games, allowing me to come home for a week.

The vacation was officially over and it was time to get back to work...