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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I want to rewind back to Wednesday...Part 2 of my photo shoot.  Part 2 was a little easier then part 1, and turned out a lot better.  The pictures from the second day were definitely my favorite and can't wait to share them.  They are pretty artistic and edgy.  Overall, I had a great time doing the whole shoot.  My photographer was if anyone ever needs fabulous pictures look him up...Jaisen "Tieg" Van Holland. The shoot really got me in the mood to go to NY since Fashion Week was the last 2 weeks and I missed them.  One day I will be there, or in Milan to experience the madness and chaos of it all. Until then I will continue to read and dream about it.

And I am pretty sure I did dream about it because for some reason Thursday morning while I was packing I decided that I had to take almost my entire closet to NY.  My friend Jack Brewer had the quote of the day..."No. Really Lindsey. What do you have in there?" I think he repeated that about 5 times and I just couldn't answer cause Kat and I were laughing so hard in the back of the taxi.  One day I will learn to take only what I need on a 3 day trip.  Until then I will continue paying the overweight fees...which unfortunately have significantly gone up :(

Kat and I arrived in NY after a short 2 hour flight that we almost missed might I add.  Quality time with Kat is very limited these days so we were both very excited to catch up.  So excited that we spent a little too much time at French Meadow in the airport causing us to speed walk...probably faster then I can run right now...all the way to our gate which was practically the last one.  We just made it, and the lady said "Oh you had time, about 2 minutes." As we walked on the plane we were the last two people and were definitely getting the "we have been waiting for you" looks from everyone already on the plane. We about laughed for the first half of the flight about it...and then felt relieved when we found out I had multiple friends that had flights going out later that were postponed til the next day because of the snow storm. A couple hours later we were in NY. Bags came out fast and we hopped in a cab very curious about the hotel that Jack booked us in. Normally I have my favorite hotels in NY...Gansevoort, Hotel on Rivington, W to mention a few... and plan the whole trip.  But since Jack offered to take care of it, Kat and I decided to save some money and accept the offer.  I can't say the Broadway Plaza hotel was what I am used to, but it actually turned out to be just fine considering we were so busy. Kat has been helping Jack out a lot with his Foundation, so she was busy for the first couple hours that we were there getting things organized for the fundraiser and the NYSE bell ringing.  I took my time getting ready for the big fundraiser.  Please check out my friend Jack's site to read about his foundation and hopefully donate if you have a little to spare.

All dolled up Kat and I took a cab to the Eli Kline Gallery in Soho for the fundraiser.  It was a great time.  I am so proud of Jack and how far he has come since I met him freshman year in college.  From red sweats to perfectly tailored suits he is truly making a difference in the world.  Jack and I have been discussing ways for me to be more involved in the Foundation...I can't wait to see how things develop...We will make things happen for sure...

Part 2 of NY coming soon...goodnight everyone

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