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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Time Win

Finally we are playing like our team should be.  Can we still get better?  Of course we can...but last night we played some real good volleyball.  We were up against a dangerous, Russian-like team by the name of Conegliano.  I say Russian-like because they were giant.  In their previous 2 matches they had a total of 38 blocks...pretty unheard of.  With only a little time to prepare for this match after our loss to Bergamo, we spent a lot of time watching video as a team, and surprisingly I watched some by myself.  I knew that my job as a setter was going to be difficult playing against such a good blocking team, and I wanted to be prepared to give my hitters the best chance they could.

We came out on fire, serving tough, blocking well, and hitting past their enormous block.  I felt in such a great rhythm I was able to give my hitters the best opportunity for a kill.  They only had 6 blocks all match...normally they have 6 a set.  Other then a slight run by them in the end of the 2nd set...we dominated the match.  It felt great...and even better we got 3 just 3 points away from a week off.

Next up Castellana Grotte...down to the dirty South

I love my Fans

A little over a month ago I was in Puerto Rico playing in the NORCECA Championships with the USA National Team.  After the tournament I was approached by a dear little girl, Alejandra Torres.  She asked me for a jersey or a shirt and I felt so bad I had nothing with me at the time.  I told her to give me her address and I would send her a signed jersey.  If I tell someone I'm going to do something you better believe I will.  Here is little miss lady with my jersey.

Too cute...

Tough Loss to Bergamo

Sunday my team matched up against the strong Italian Club Bergamo.  This team has a winning tradition and has been playing together for many years. We knew we had our work cut out for us.  The city of Bergamo is only about an hour away on the bus, so we left the day of.  I like to practice in the gym that we are playing in because it is always different for setters. Lights, background, how the ball travels, and so on.  But since we left the day of there was no practicing in the gym.  We got to Bergamo really early so we took a little stroll of the city.  Bergamo is absolutely gorgeous, and a fun fact is it is split into two.  The low city is filled with classic modern buildings, wide roads, and shopping.  The high city is a medieval walled village overlooking the Lombardia countryside, and you can take a cable car to get there.  I would love to explore Bergamo a little more...

Back to volleyball.  So we were at the gym really early and very anxious to play.  We started out slow but ended up pulling out the first game 26-24. Bergamo then took control of us in games 2 & 3.  We fought back with a great game 4 and hoped it would carry on to game 5.  Unfortunately Bergamo's passing was incredible and they got out to an early lead and pulled out the win.  Luckily our championship is on a point system.  If you win 3-0 or 3-1 you get 3 points, and the looser gets nothing.  If you win 3-2 you get 2 points and the looser gets 1.  So we ended up getting 1 point, still making it possible for me to maybe go home for a week.

Warming up...leading the pack

After waiting and hour for 2 of my teammates to get drug tested we returned to Villa Cortese.  Logan (friend & National Team teammate) played her match in Piacienza which was not far either.  We decided to meet each other in Milan for a nice Mexican dinner.  We had a great time, saw some other friends, ate good food, and listened to good music.  After dinner with both went home to prepare for our next match which was on Wednesday.

Overall it was a successful Sunday.  Even though we didn't win, we still got a point off of Bergamo which is good, and we continued to grow as a up Conegliano.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's next...Bergamo

This week has been an interesting one.  One day we practiced with 5 people thanks to the flu or should I say febre (fever in Italian) that is what they call it.  My teammates have been in and out of practice while i have been trying not to get sick.  Today I wasn't feeling so hot, but still managed to practice and make it through.  Today was also the first day everyone was well enough to practice...2 days before our 2nd big game.  Sunday we play Bergamo, a team that is always in the top 4 and probably has the most championships under their belt.  A 4pm game on tv...that is always fun.  Hopefully by Sunday everyone will be feeling their best and we can come out with another big win.  We have 3 more games before we go on a little break for Grand Champions Cup.  Right now we have 3 out of 3 points...supposedly if we get 10 out of 12 points after these 4 first games we get a week off.  USA here I come...

Let's Go Villa Cortese!!!!

For more pictures and info on my team you can go to the Villa Cortese website.

Happy Birthday Vally!!!!

There is only one reason why I made it past my first in Italy...and that is because of my dear friend Valeria Rosso. She took me in my first year like she had known me forever.  She translated for me, took me places, went out with me, listened when I was homesick, did everything for me.  A very special person, unlike anyone I have every met. Touches lives, and makes people smile daily.  Motivated, inspiring, and gifted.  I love you Vally.

Happy Birthday to Vally...

Back at it...Finally

Last Sunday was our first game.  Really I had no idea how it was going to go.  I was still getting in my own groove and adjusting, and the other Italians had just joined the team after winning the European Championship.  We had practiced a total of 5 days together before the match and it wasn't an easy team that we were up against.  I have to say it showed that we hadn't played together long.  But we did pull out a big win, and saw some spurts of how good of a team we can actually be.

Villa Cortese vs. Perugia 25-22, 14-25, 30-28, 29-27

It was a great feeling after we won the match, and definitely a relief since it was so close.  I forgot how excited the fans, coaches, and sponsors get after the match.  I missed that this past year not playing.  After the celebration I was awarded Player of the Game.  They gave me a fabulous clock which I will NOT be putting up in my new loft in LA.  What happened to cash bonuses??? Check it out...and yes that is my lovely couch it is rested on...I don't spend much time there.

There were some surprises in the other games.  Big teams such and Novara (my old team who now has Logan Tom), and Pesaro (my first team for 3 years) lost in 3.  And Bergamo and Jesi (Heather Bown's team) got challenged in 5 set matches.  It shows that this year the league is very even and there will be no easy matches.

In social life news...Last week I got to see my friend Meika Wagner, volleyball player and an up and coming designer...when I have my store she will be featured in it.  I have also been able to do many great dinners with Logan and my Italian girlfriend Vally.  Poretti (my fav restaurant in Novara, Nobu (twice, including a 150 euro lunch), Origami (for Vally's Birthday celebration), and Ganas (my fav Sunday night mexican/hip hop hang out).  It is great having them so close and being able to get out of the house.  Logan and I spent the day in Milan on Monday, where we had our very expensive lunch at Nobu. I told Logan it was because she had 5 cups of tea...she didn't buy it.  Then we went shopping, unfortunately or fortunately my credit card was acting up since I didn't tell them I would be in Italy so I ended up not buying anything.  But this is what I was about to buy....

They will be there next time...But I had a great time watching Logan spend money and just being away from Volleyball.  Many more shopping days to come...

Friday, October 16, 2009

I know...I know

I know I have not blogged for now more then 2 weeks...I'm sorry.  Once we finished NORCECAs, and by the way we finished 4th, a slightly disappointing finish, I got back to LA with a ton to do before I moved to Italy.  I have now been here for a little less then 2 weeks and just starting to adjust.  On the positive side of things, I love it here.  When I arrived everything was pretty much ready for me.  My little house is coming soon.  My car was waiting for me the next day, and soon after I got my dryer which I can't live without.  Once again, I tried to use the washer and the dryer at the same time thinking this house would be able to handle it...but the lights went off.  Just something that happens in Europe, can't use too much electricity.

My team on paper is great, and hopefully as a team we will be just as good.  We all got together on Tuesday, and we play our first real game on Sunday.  Practices have been going great and hopefully we will have enough together to pull out a win on Sunday.

This year I am playing for the city of Villa Cortese, but I am living in the city of Busto Arsizio which is about 10 minutes from the gym we play in.  Also I am only about 30 minutes from my old city of Novara.  My best Italian friend, Vally Rosso, is playing in Novara along with one of my dear friends Logan Tom.  I have been to dinner with them 3 times and it is great to see them so much and have an outlet from my team.  Sunday after the game Logan and I plan on going to Milan to eat some Mexican food and spend the night there to do some shopping the following day.  Life is good.

Just wanted to give you a little update...more to come soon.  I will be blogging regularly from now on...I promise.  Hope all is well.  Miss everyone in the States...