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Friday, March 20, 2009

Love you Kim

I just want to give a quick shout out to my girl Kim Glass.  Just read her blog today and she said some very sweet things about me and gave me some good PR about my passion for fashion. Yes thats right I am obsessed and love to dress people.  Hopefully after volleyball that's what I'll be doing. But could also do it while I'm playing so holla if you need some tips. So just want to let everyone on my blog know about Kim's blog . And Miss need to go get those Louis...I want someone to have them.  Miss you lady. Get it right for the ESPYs. Muah.


  1. hahha lol I've been contemplating on those louis for some time now... mannnnn hahahhahah Thanks lady! I MIss yOU LOTS! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER! It CAN'T GET HERE SOON ENOUGh!!!

  2. F.Y.I loooovee love love the Net photo of you! OW-OW!!!!HOTTTTT