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Saturday, August 8, 2009


First of all I am so behind on my blog and I am so sorry.  I just want to say a quick couple things about my Birthday.  Thank you to all of my girls and 2 of my guys for spending a great night with me.  We went to my favorite restaurant downtown LA...Bottega Louie...and then ended the night at Les Deux.  I was pretty tired already from the week of ESPY festivities but I managed to make it through the night and we all had a great time.  We finished the night off by all having a sleep over @ my loft.  Quite an interesting sight.  Aero mattress was a big hit...

Overall another successful Birthday.  Thank you Mom and Dad for my washer and dryer, Sis for my knives and the block to hold them, sprinkles, roses (from the guys outside the club Brook, and Jack), and all my friends who decided to buy me the exact same all know what it was...and they are all still sitting @ my house.  Oh and how can I forget...Kim buying me balloons...including a big 3 and 0...too bad I turned 29....I love you KG.

Next year I might be out of the country for my Birthday so I am glad I got to celebrate this one in LA in style.  I have no pics to show proof of the night but maybe that is a good thing.  But I'll try to get a hold of a few from the other gals.  Thanks again for all the Birthday wishes...

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