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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Game Night

Who every though playing games in your late 20's could be so much fun.  I have to admit it wasn't the games but it was the company.  The official game crew...Athena, KG, Mustard, J, and I....what a crew.  It was Jenga, Uno, and Questions all night.  Possibly in my top 5 most fun nights ever. Maybe because it was so spontaneous.  The decision was made around 830pm.  We were supposed to go to Ralphs and cook Lasagna...instead we stopped at my favorite spot Louie...which has a take out market, and got food there.  Never did we play along like we cooked it...J still thinks KG layered 50 Lasagna noodles...the best we ever had.

Learned a few tricks from J

Yes the Deluxe Version...the only way to go

Moral of the story is...friends make the world a beautiful place.  Love you guys and when is the next one?  Twister

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