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Saturday, August 8, 2009

School of Style

After my experience with my secret client, and deciding I definitely wanted to pursue more styling I decided to google "How to become a stylist." Pretty corny I know but you can google anything now days.  And guess what I found...School of Style.

School of Style is a 1-3 day intensive course about the business side of being a stylist.  It is taught by celeb stylist Luke Storey.  It is the only class you can find actually taught by a real working stylist.  I must say I was really nervous.  It felt like I was going to the first day of school after a long summer.  Instead it was the first day of school after 7  What was I going to wear??  I opted for a normal outfit of mine...MEMBERS ONLY denim black, black Enza Costa tunic, Louis animal print scarf, Oliver Peoples shades, and Lanvin ballet flats.  Didn't want to try too hard.
My new Louis scarf

I was the second person to get to class out of 14.  Once Luke introduced himself and was so very nice my nervousness disappeared.  Everyone else started to roll in and the class began.  I don't want to bore you with all the details, even though they are not boring at all.  But all I have to say is I learned everything I would in one 8 hour class as I would as being an intern to a stylist for a whole year.  It was incredible.  I wish I could team up with him to market his class because he could make even more money then he is.  Especially in LA with all of the aspiring stylists.  I knew some things going into the class but he put it all together for me and now I have a great understanding of how things work.

I really want to participate in day 2 and 3 but the problem is they are not set dates.  Volleyball is still my number one priority right now and I could never skip practice for it.  But if the opportunity arises and I am free I am all for it.  Thank you Luke for taking time to teach us aspiring stylists the ins-and-outs of the styling game.

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