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Monday, July 27, 2009


ESPYS...that's right.  Once again I was fortunate enough to go to the ESPYS again.  The week started out strong on Monday night at the Playboy Mansion for one of the Pre-ESPY parties. Of course I don't have pictures but if you find Kim Glass she might.  I am not a big picture taker so when I do have pictures they are normally gifted to me from other people.  It was fun to actually see the PBoy Mansion after hearing so much about it.  But really it is just like any other big venue...but good old HH markets it well.  Here is a general picture.  The red carpet was set out right in front of the main house.  Thank you UA for the hook-up.

Tuesday night was dinner with some of the UA crew and the official Pre-ESPY party at the J-lounge in downtown LA.  Very convinient for me since I live down there.   Here is my one picture from the dinner.  Pretty pathetic I never have good pics from great events.  I need to get better at that.  This is Eric O. (where is my hat?) and I right before having our espresso...getting charged for the night.

Adrienne, Tori & Kim later that night

Wednesday was the actual day of the ESPYS.  I had practice in the morning.  I rushed home and Molly (bomb make-up artist) met me at my house to help me out.  I ended up doing my own hair and rushing to get ready only to wait for my date.  My date was long time college friend, ex-NFLer, turned Financial Manager, head of the Jack Brewer Foundation Mr. Jack Brewer.  It was great to go with a good friend that appreciates sports and athletes as I do.  We got there late but it ended up being fine.  After the show I met up with Kim in the VIP room and the night continued from there.  

Misty May & I 

Adrienne & I

Yep all the pictures I have.  I will try to search for more.  But overall it was a great 3 days.  Met so many great athletes, and supporters.  I can't wait for next year.  Gotta keep promoting our sport here in the states...

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