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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beyond Volleyball

No I have not decided to stop playing volleyball...but I have decided to start pursuing some other interests as I continue my volleyball career.  As blog followers of mine you have obviously begun to realize my passion for fashion.  I know in the future when my vball career is over it is a goal of mine to own a boutique, personal shop for people, and help style people to look the best they possibly can.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to practice on some of my friends and family in the personal shopping and styling area. But recently I was approached by someone pretty high profile for some advice and help.  I would disclose her name but I haven't asked her about it, and what if I did a bad job then everyone would know it was

Anyway I was honored and thrilled at the same time.  She asked if I could dress her for some specific events and we would see how it went from there.  I immediately started doing research online.  I put together an email of initial items from online stores that I thought would suit her well.   I also needed to get to know her likes and dislikes a little better...didn't want to go too far out of her comfort zone at first.  She loved everything...except the leggings...but I told her I would get her into them...Here are a few things I picked out for her...

Issa Printed Kimono Dress

Rachel Pally Oversized Slouchy T-shirt

J Brand Pencil Leg Ripped Jeans


Rachel Pally Greek Goddess Dress (don't know real name :|)

You can find all of these on of my favorite online boutiques.  Obviously it is a random group of clothing but those are just a few of the examples.  So I ordered a bunch of the grouping that I picked online, and then I was off to shop.

It was my first time officially pulling clothing for someone.  Luckily I have become a regular at one of my favorite shops Intermix on Robertson Blvd.  My girl Asia (sorry if I spelt that wrong) always looks out for me and remembers me.  Normally I am helping my friends shop in there but I do some shopping of my own also.  Since I am cool with them they let me just put everything on hold for 2 days since I knew I was bringing my client in the store.  Normally as a stylist you can take everything home but you have to either purchase 20% of the total or pay it anyway.  And for the first time shopping for my client, I didn't know exactly how much of it she was going to thank you Intermix the you the best.

I shouldn't have been worried because she ended up liking almost all of it and we made some great purchases there, along with Rock & Republic (big shout out to my people there too...Hawaiians are everywhere), Kitson Studio, and Vince.  Other stores we visited were Lisa Kline, Kitson, and Curve (one of my favorites but very pricey).  She was very smart with her money and kept me in a range and chose things she really knew she would wear more than once.

It was a long day of shopping.  We returned to my loft hoping the package had arrived from can never rely on overnight shipping.  Although she didn't get to try those on, she was set for one of her events and will check out the other clothes this week.

Throughout the whole experience she continued to thank me...but I just kept saying thank you back.  I loved everything about it...I realized it really is something I wanted to pursue.  I will be putting a Lookbook together for her so she can put things together herself and be more confident dressing herself.  Hopefully I did a good enough job for her to hire me again...thank you mystery client.  And by the way...I got her in those

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  1. Hihi My name is Fríða and I´m from Iceland. I play the setter position just like you :) You are my absolute favorite volleyball player! I was wondering if I can find anywhere a t-shirt with your name and the number 4 on it :)