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Saturday, August 8, 2009

What you know bout the lectro??

lectro...yes that's what I said.  Very new, innovative, healthy, and exciting product.  Get on it first before the world does.  lectro is a "sugar-free gum, made with Xylitol, delivers nature's building blocks (vitamins and amino acids), to aid in essential cell growth, muscle repair, and restored energy to those who expect more from their bodies."

Steve Smith from the NY Giants is the face of lectro.  And I have a feeling it's about to be big.  I mean I'm a fan what other proof do you need.  All I am saying is look out for it.  If you have twitter follow lectro @LVGum or email  They are already creating a buzz...don't forget who told you first about it.

Bout to grab a piece...

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