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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where do I begin???

First of all I would like to apologize since I am so behind on my blog.  I left you hanging after the beginning part of my Italy trip.  Now its time to take it back and let you know how my last week in Italy ended. If I can remember right I left off after a great day in Milano. Yep I was right, just had to go check out my blog for a second...I make myself laugh.  Do I really write and do the things I do??? Guess so.

So here we go...Wednesday, I joined my old team at practice.  It was the first time I had seen a couple of my old teammates since I arrived.  It was good to see them and brought back some great memories from last season.  As they practiced I did some rehab on my knee on the side, and finally ended up being the other coach and hit balls to the girls.  It was fun to be back on the court with the Italian atmosphere.  Now I know why I played in Italy for 4 years, and hope to return soon.

After practice, Vally and I decided we were going to go back to our favorite spot NOBU to meet some basketball players that I knew from the past couple of years. As we arrived it was a lot different from a couple nights before when we were there.  The bottom floor which they call the smoking floor was loud and vibrant.  And then there was also Beckham and Ronaldinho...did I mention that.  
They were sitting down at a table with a lot of people surrounding them.  I think I forgot to tell you that we also saw Ronaldinho the Sunday before.  My teammate from last year, Sanja, knows him well since she plays with a Brazilian volleyball player that is friends with him. So, like I said before it never fails when you got to NOBU in will see someone famous.
Since Beckham now plays in Milan. Victoria and Him have been spotted everywhere.  And if you don't get a chance to see them in person don't worry because they are posted on billboards all around Milan in their underwear...quite a site I might add.

So the night started off great at NOBU.  Vally and I wanted to try some new things but we always resort back to our favs.  Since Vally had a game the next day she had to head home.
But I decided to stay out with my friend and go to the uber chic Armani Prive. It used to be so exclusive that you had to be a member.  But now
as long as you know someone at the door, or look good, or come early you are good to go. Surprisingly they had a great DJ that was
spinning a mixture of hip hop in the beginning then of course switched to the Italians favorite techno.  The crowd was a mix of models, athletes, socialites, and just plain beautiful people.  Had a
great night and thanks to the Biella boys for giving me a ride back.  We had some interesting conversations I will never forget.  But also made some great friends that night. Miss you guys.

Of course I slept most of Thursday.  I was still having issues with the time change but I think it was my fault staying up so late every night.  It was game day for Vally and I was excited because she was playing against my other good friend Sanja.  Last year Sanja was on my team in Novara.  She is from Croatia and loves to have a good time.  This year she decided to change teams to get more playing time and she ended up on Chieri.  A city near Torino where the Winter Olympics were. I went to the game early with Vally and sat by my favorite Italian strength trainer Orla.  Orla made me laugh everyday last season and I can truly say I miss him.  It was great seeing you Orla.  Here is a pic of Orla and I last season on our way to a game. Yes this game we road in cars...I guess it was a real important one.
Vally played the entire game I was so happy for her.  Teams underestimate that girl I'm telling you.  She probably could be a starter on every team.  But since she has to be the translator on every team she is on...this year for the Chinese national team setter...I think teams just don't think she can do it all.  Well I know she can do it all and does it all.

We headed to our favorite restaurant in Novara, Poretti. Had a quick meal with Sanja, and a couple of her teammates then we were off to Milan for the John Legend concert after party. Last year I got to know the promoters in Milan well so they let me know what is going on all the time especially in the Hip Hop scene.  There was no John Legend sighting that night. I guess he asked for too much money.  But I did see Ronaldinho it just me or was this guy everywhere...or was I everywhere??  We joined his table and had a great time.  Very down to earth and friendly.  It was very interesting talking to him in our mixture of Italian and Portuguese.  Surprisingly he said he would like to play soccer in the USA like Beckham did...I think he just wants to party the USA personally.

Sanja and I headed back to Vally's house to get a good night sleep.  And that's what I did once again.  Slept all day.  Vally's boyfriend Rudy drove up from that guy. So happy Vally found him.  My coach from last year which is the current coach there this year invited Vally, Rudy, and I for dinner at his house.  It was a night of interesting food, volleyball talk, and great company. Eventually my old coach wants to end up in the US to coach at a college.  I told him that he better start practicing his English a little more.  And I told him about the time limit rules for practice and he didn't like that so much.  So we will see if he ever makes that big move.  Thanks Luciano and family for a great dinner.

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