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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Road Trip

Sunday morning...oh wait Sunday afternoon, we didn't wake up early enough.  After packing our little bags ( in my case not so little) we hoped in the car and headed to McDonalds...yes I said McDonalds.  It was quite and experience.  They have a new drive through in Novara.  And I don't know if it should be called a drive through or a speed through.  The guy on the speaker was acting like it was a race to get us through we had to beg him for a minute to decide.  As he raced us through, we ended up waiting a while to get out food so Erica and I jumped out of the car and started taking pictures.  Of course all the Italians around us were staring...we were the crazy Americans.  Here I am in front of the drive through

We ate our McDonalds in the car and headed to Bologna.  Bologna (BO) is one of my favorite cities in Italy.  I grew very fond of BO when I was playing in Pesaro.  It was only an hour drive North from Pesaro and I met some very special friends there.  So when I knew I was going to Italy, I knew I had to make a trip to BO and see my friends at the restaurant Formosa, more specifically my dear friend Sandro. I love you Sandro.

We arrived in BO to meet Sandro at his other business a gelato shop.  Normally it wouldn't be open yet but it was a beautiful day in BO so it was open.  Vally had a little scoop, and then Sandro on his scooter lead us to our hotel.  UNA Hotel is my favorite in BO, right across from the train station, close to the shopping, and a short drive to my favorite restaurant Formosa. Here is a picture of the beds in the hotel...we still can't figure out what it says above them.

Erica and I shared a room, while Vally was in the other room with another bed for Heather Bown (my Olympic teammate) who was meeting us a little later. We got ready to meet up with Sandro for dinner at Formosa.  He had my favorites prepared when we arrived.  Pasta with speak (bacon), saffron, and zucchini to start.  Then steak with Parmesan, rucola, and balsamic. It was so great.  While we were eating, my friend Meika Wagner (vball player, fashion designer) stopped by for a glass of wine, and to show me her sketches of the clothes she is designing in fashion school.  Amazing is all I have to doing it big miss lady.  Miss you...can't wait to post about your line on my blog.  Dinner and company was fab...I even presented Sandro with one of my Olympic jerseys, and he presented us with something as well.  I wish I could tell you what is was, but not very appropriate, you can ask me in person if you want to know.  Time flew and we were late for the basketball game.  Sandro got us tickets to see Virtus Bologna play Rome.  The #2 and #3 team.  Basketball games are crazy in Italy, especially in BO.  It took us too long to find the gym and we almost didn't get out tickets, but we were very persistent and found our tickets and got into the game. Here are a couple pictures...
We had a great time at the game.  Bologna was victorious so we knew it was going to be a great night.  We beat the traffic and headed back to Formosa to get the night started.  I once again was the DJ, Sandro loves when I bring him new Mix Cd's.  Heather finally made it there.  We headed back to the kitchen so Heather could eat since the place was so packed and no other tables for us.

Heather and I caught up. We socialized with some other American basketball players and other friends with knew from Bologna.  After Formosa we headed to our favorite little hip hop spot in the center.   Probably one of the worst places to go yet so fun.  Great hip hop music, fun people, just over all good times.  Here is Vally and Erica looking gorgeous...

Overall another quality, successful night.  It was so good to see you Sandro and other friends.  I meet some new friends there also and hope to keep in touch with them. I can't wait to go back...maybe I'll be back soon.  Until then Sandro I hope you can find another DJ...

And the road trip was about to get even better...coming soon.

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