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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Giving back...

As you all could probably tell by my Italy blogs...I really didn't want to leave.  But I had to...and it was for a good reason.  A couple months ago I agreed to speak at a Charity Fundraiser dinner. The dinner was to raise money for the Nadja Carr Foundation.  I had a weekend of events ahead of me.  I got back to Minneapolis Thursday night, and had to get some rest right away knowing I was going to be on the 630am FOX news live...yes 630am. Luckily I was on Italian time or I would have never made it.  I am the one that misses 630am flights...not really a morning person.  Here are a couple pictures from the news shoot...Here Chris Carr (Former NBAer and Father to Nadja Carr) and I are getting interviewed.  Chris was supposed to put my jersey on but he didn't want to make me look bad.  Instead I made him look bad and beat him in a game of HORSE...but there was a catch.  We were setting the ball in the basket not shooting it.  Chris and I now have an ongoing competition.  Never will it be just one sport it will be a mixture.  Coming soon roller tennis.  1-0 for the good gal ;)
Chris, the good gal, MA Rosko (Fox Morning News), and Michael Deering (SuperStar PR) posing for one last picture.  I let MA wear my medal for the whole 2 hours we were there.  Click here to see my embarrassing Morning News clip...I don't like cameras.

Later that night was the Nadja Carr Foundation Charity Dinner.  I was the featured guest speaker...can you believe it?? I was a little nervous since I was jet lagged.  I was scared words were going to come out of my mouth a little too fast and maybe in Italian.  Everything seemed to turn out fine other then my cell phone ringing...yes I thought I turned it off...guess not right. Good thing everyone just laughed, and I turned red.  But it was a great experience overall and hope to do more in the future.  At the event there was also a silent auction.  I donated one of my Olympics jerseys and an autographed action shot.  I couldn't believe how much they went for.  $650 for the jersey and $250 for the pic.  I am so happy I could raise the money for the foundation.  Now I am just happy I know how much I can sell them for.  Contact me on my website if you are looking to buy...just joking.  Again I had a fabulous time, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people, even made a few cry along with myself.  It was a great evening and worth the trip back from Italy.  I hope to have some pics from the event soon.

To finish the charity weekend off.  I was involved in the bowling tournament that Sunday.  I invited my good friend Laura Bush (no not THE Laura Bush but even better the assistant coach of the University of MN vball team) to be on my team, and the other 2 spots were auctioned off. A very sweet couple joined us on our team.  I can't say we were the best team there or even in the top 5 but we sure did have a good time.  I will have to hit the bowling lanes out gutters.

Thank you Carr family & 43 Hoops family for a wonderful weekend.  I hope to be involved in the future.  You are a spectacular family and I wish the best for you all. Hugs.

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