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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ok back to the Italy trip...yes I know it was a couple weeks ago now...but it is still worth writing about.  So I left off after a fab night in Bologna.  Erica, Vally, and I knew we had to wake up early to get Erica back to the airport to return to Sardegna(or should I say Phil).  We all got up...well at least Erica and I did.  We headed down for a good breakfast at our UNA Hotel.  We waited a little while for Vally then decided to call her to make sure she was up.  It didn't sound like she was...but she got up to say the least.  Even Heather made a trip down to the lobby to say buh bye...probably way more then I would do. We were all taking our time eating, then we checked out, and we thought it was around 8.  Well by the time we pulled out of the hotel it was 820am...uh oh.  But we really didn't think about it until we put in our destination in our TomTom(navigator).  It said a little over 2 hours.  Luckily TomTom is always wrong.  We weren't stressing too much until we hit traffic. And when you hit traffic on the hit traffic.  Looked a little like this...but worse.  Well that's what Erica and Vally told me.  I was passed out in the back of the car.  It was a little early for me.All of the stop and go did wake me up though.  Then we started stressing and planning.  I had been begging Erica to stay another night anyway so I guess someone was listening to me.  It was cutting it close but we decided to try to get to the airport anyway...Italian flights are always late...maybe this one would be too...or maybe not.  We pulled up to the airport...Erica grabbed her things and ran in.   She made it to the gate as the plane was pulling out...ohhhhhh we were so close.  All we really could do was laugh.  And then it set in we had to find a solution to get Erica home.  After a long couple hours of phone calls, Internet, and frustrations...Erica finally found the perfect plan and she got back later that night. Just in time to cook Phil some caramel cuts...just joking E-dawg.

After resting up during the day...Vally and I got dressed up once again to meet a couple friends at a place called Fingers...I wish they had a website, pictures or something but I just can't find any.  It is supposed to be a mixture of Japanese, Brazilian, and Italian food.  But I would say it is mostly Japanese.  I had been there once before with Vally but we wanted to try it again.  Two of our Basketball friends joined us, Joe and Pietro.  We had a good meal then it was off to Old Fashion (one of the most famous clubs in Milan). Sanja and her teammate met us.  It was a pretty mellow, early night.  But Vally did have some trouble with her feet.  What us gals do to look good. My feet hurt looking at this picture.
Poor Vally, she just had to make it through one more night out with me.  And she even got a night of rest in between.

Tuesday night we decided to go eat dinner with Vally's parents in Biella.  Biella is about 30 minutes from Novara.  Vally's Dad is a great cook. We had shrimp and zucchini risotto, and swordfish.  All of my clothes smelt like fish at the end of the night but it was worth it.  Vally's mom Marissa took pictures with my silver medal.  We told lots of stories and had a great night. Vally also just finished designing her loft.  She has her own little area in her parents house when she is visiting.  It was sooooo cute I loved it.  Modern and full of green pieces...Vally's favorite color of course.  Made me want a place of my own ASAP. Cali here I come. More on that later.  It was a great night thanks to my Italian Parents.  Love you guys.

I was supposed to leave Wednesday morning but was having too much fun and wanted to stay one more night.  There is only one area to spend you last night...the Armani block.  Yep it was NOBU and Armani Prive once again.

Vally and I headed to Milan for the 50th time that trip :) to meet some friends.  We ate our usual meal at NOBU and headed down to Armani Prive.  This time we had a table thank goodness because it gets pretty crowded in there. We danced the night away, and had a great night with some friends.  Here are some pics from that night.  It was the perfect way to top off my Italian getaway.
Jonus(don't think I spelled that right but what I do know is he will be the first Swedish Bballer in the NBA), Vally, & Pietro
Vally & I (I was pretty tired...long 10 days)
Joe, James & Jonus

Thank you everyone for making my trip one to remember...I might just be back sooner then you think.  Kisses.

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