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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last minute road trip...Chi-town

It has been just a little bit over 6 months since my surgery and it was time to return to Chicago to get another MRI to see how my knee is healing.  I knew I was going to be really busy this month so I had to fit this little trip in.  The big decision was do I fly or do I drive.  You probably think I am crazy thinking about driving but I am actually a fan of road trips...especially when you have good company.  My friend Vera (I'll call her V in the blog) is always up for adventures so I asked her to join me. She was so excited.  I have been friends with Vera since college.  She is a sweetheart and deserves the best in life and will get it soon.  Keep your head up V...I'm here for you.
So V and I got in my little Hybrid and headed to Chi-town.  After about 6 hours and only one tank of gas at $20 we got to downtown Chi.  Normally when I am in Chicago I stay at the W Hotel Lake shore but I wanted to try something new.  We ended up at The James...chic and fabulous.
This was on the way to the amazing...old suitcases piled up...genius.

V and I changed out of our sweats and headed downstairs to find somewhere to step out to.  It was a rainy night in Chi and turned out to be a pretty dull one until we met this fabulous character at The Leg Room.  I don't remember his name but I will call him Schwag...not Swag...Schwag.

Meet Schwag...
He sat down next to us and openly told us that he is the definition of SCHwag...not swag. What a guy.  Thanks for the laughs Schwager.

After a good night sleep I had to wake up early to get to my doctor appointment.  The appointment went well.  Doc said the cartilage is growing back and I can start to run and jump. I just have to be careful and listen to my knee when it gets swollen and sore.  So...good news at the Doctor's means time to shop.  Michigan Ave. was waiting for me.

I got back to the hotel. V was getting ready.  We hit up the restaurant Big Bowl for a little energy then hit the streets.  We made all the normal stops. I wont bore you with the names.  It ended up being a successful shopping day.  I got an incredible purse, and the perfect dress for the event I will attend in Miami.  One little problem...the dress is still not in my hands.  There are 2 left out there and we are trying to locate them.  In the meantime I am praying to the fashion gods...I need that dress. I can't share pictures of my purchases will see them later in Miami...I can't wait.

After a long day we got back to the hotel for a couple hours of rest.  We had a 930 reservation at the trendy Steakhouse N9NE.  

We met the best people at N9NE.  Our server was great...ask for Chris when you go there.  It was like we had been friends for years.  The GM even came up to us and we had a great convo with him.  Then we got introduced to a man by the name of AJ.  AJ is a stylist, makeup artist, and fashion consultant.  His most recent venture is his fashion line 12 dresses.  Check it out...12 Dresses by AJ
AJ & V

After promising AJ we would meet up with him later.  V and I got in a cab to meet Mr. Michael Lehan.  V and I went to college with him, and since then he has had a great career in the NFL.  We went to a place called Martini Park.  I felt like I was back in college.  After a short stay there we headed to Underground which we had been hearing about from a bunch of people.  AJ told us to just say his name at the door and we were in.  Word...(that's for you sis)
Cool little joint.  They played great music for a while then it turned to techno.  We decided to change spots.  Ended up at a place I don't even know the name.  All I know is my name went from Lindsey to Chanel.  I was wearing one of my favorite necklaces with a Chanel logo and a complete stranger decided that was my name for the night.  Some people's kids as Kim Glass would say.  By the way I miss you KG.

V and I headed back to the hotel.  We had a long day of driving the next days and some big Bball games to watch.  Go UNC Tar Heels.  Another shout out for you sis.  Miss you Erin, Lexi, & Noa (My sister and her 2 Lil ones...they live in Chapel Hill, NC and I miss them so much).  Mom I need you to send me some pics so I can get the Lil ones on the blog.  

Sweet dreams...

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