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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Italy @ Roadhouse

After a long day of flying...I finally arrived in Bologna, Italy.  So happy to be out of MN, sorry my Minnie friends.  I got picked up by my friends.  Easter in Italy is very difficult to find somewhere that is open to grab a little snack.   Luckily we found a little cafe open, grabbed piece of pizza, paninos, and cafe.  As we were walking back to the car we were fortunate enough to see a father potty training his son.  I didn't know that was legal...but we are in Italy.I guess it is legal in other countries looking at this picture...

We spent the day just chillin, watching movies, and napping.  The big question of the day was where will we eat our Easter dinner???  From my experience of being in Italy on holidays I knew that any American or Asian restaurants would be open.  We chose to go to Roadhouse Grill. They don't have the cinnamon sugar rolls like in the states.  But I can't be too picky.  I had a nice little salad and filet.  One interesting thing we found out is that they serve only one ice cube with your coke.  And that ice cube lasts forever at least until the coke is done.  Word.  It was a big topic at the dinner table along with the guys that tries to wash your windshield at the stop lights.  Overall a great Easter, I'm always down for new experiences.  All you need is good company and I definitely had that.  A little pic of the quality Roadhouse...
It's just the start of this trip.  I'm sure a lot more stories and memories to be told and made.

Ciao for now...

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  1. Gross picture of the wonderful tourist's peeing in the public water! No class!