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Friday, February 26, 2010

Adventures w/ Iza

As I said in a previous girlfriend Iza was here last week to visit me.  I hadn't seen her since right after the Olympics.  A little history on Iza and I...we met while both living in downtown LA in 2006.  Ever since then we have kept in touch...and made attempts to visit when we could.  We both love fashion, restaurants, shopping, and enjoying life in are a couple highlights from our week together...

Iza's Birthday dinner at The Bvlgari Hotel...

Iza making friends with Bartender & Manager...yes they are behind the bar

Iza at Nobu Milano

Yep...good sushi...Iza was eating the fish only

My 2 friends meet for the first time...Iza & Vally...Armani Prive

Thursday night dinner @ Manu's house...


Great graffiti door...Iza & I walking around Milan

Iza's random pics...

Vera...the name of Iza's mom

Iza grew up in wonder she likes Hello Kitty

Iza & our friend's watch...really???

Other highlights...

-Breakfast at California Bakery
-Dinner @ favorite Japanese spot Qor
-Dinner @ favorite Mexican spot Ganas
-Shopping at Louis Vuitton...they closed the store on us
-Iza drinking the biggest beer I have ever seen before my game...Dad you would have been jealous
-Iza screaming and yelling at my game
-Life Lessons...only Iza understands this one

Oh and so many more...had a great time and I hope she did as well.  Until the next time Iza.  Love you miss lady.

Ciao...practice time


This past Monday was Manuela Secolo's (my teammate) birthday.  We decided to celebrate on Sunday night with a great dinner at the Pharmacist's Premiata restaurant with a small group of friends, and continued the night at our favorite bar Ganas.  The night was filled with a lot of eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing.  Most importantly Manu had a great time and even at one point in the night she told me it was her best Birthday ever...that made my night.  Here are a couple PG-13 pictures...

Bianchi bringing out the cake in my jacket...he wore it all night...looked better on him

Manu clapping to her birthday song...half Italian half English version

The note on the cake...

The drink team...Manu, Gas, Bianchi, & The Pharmacist

Manu reading her card from the Boyz

Manu singing...Maaaannnnuuueeeeellllaaaa Maaaannnuuueeeellllaaa...Famous Italian song

My outfit for the night...and Iza's new Louis purse....

Manu, Martina (Manu's sis), and Iza

Iza showing the Pharmacist some new moves

Don't ask...but it was later in the night

It was a fabulous night that went into the early hours of the morning...but we deserved it...we were also celebrating a big win over Urbino...and had the next day off.  

Great friends always makes for a great night...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Photo Booth time...

My girl Iza was in town for the week...we had a great time...more pics and highlights soon.

Have a great day...

On a Roll...

Going into Sunday's match we were looking for revenge.  Urbino beat us in the first round 3-0 at their house...and we were ready to get those 3 points back. We felt confident going into the match but knew it was going to be a difficult one.  There is no doubt that Urbino can play some good volleyball.  After stealing the first set, and having a let down in the second, it was 1-1 going into the third.  That is when we took control and started to play...I'm going to call it the Villa Standard.  Finally our team has developed our standard...and we are going to do our best to not drop below it.  Great win for us on Sunday...

Villa Cortese vs. Urbino  27-25, 21-25, 25-20, 25-15

We are still in 2nd place...5 points behind Pesaro. We have one more match on Saturday against Piacenza until with have the big 1st vs 2nd match up...1 game at a time...keeping it rolling Piacenza next up

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hopefully we are finished playing Novara

On Sunday we played Novara once again.  The 4th time this season and the 3rd time in 20 days.  We came out on fire, playing the best we ever had winning the first 2 sets easily.  Then Novara decided to turn themselves around and we got a little too relaxed loosing the 3rd set, and were down in the 4th.  Luckily with some heart and determination we can back in the 4th to win the match.

Villa Cortese vs. Novara 25-15, 25-20, 20-25, 25-23

I think we have played then enough this season and hopefully won't match up with them in playoffs.  But the one good thing about playing them is I get to see two of my good friends...Logan and Vally.  But I rather see then at dinner then on the other side of the net.

Next up in Urbino.  We lost to them in a brutal first round match and are looking for revenge.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Inspiration...

Kat Higgins is finally showing the world her talent.  After many years of looking out for her family, my dear friend has decided to pursue her music career in her terms and it's an inspiration.  Last night she performed at The Fine Line in Minneapolis...unfortunately I was stuck in Italy and was not able to witness the greatness.  But this is just a start and once everyone discovers the unique, soulful, and honest music, I will have many more opportunities to see her in action.  Please check out her new, and her existing fashion blog

You can listen to some of her original tracks on her website and there will be more to come.  I wish my dear friend the best in this fabulous journey of going for what you want in life and doing what makes you happy.  Kat just remember what we would talk about when we would watch seasons at a time of Sex and the City while eating pasta...I get to dress you or help at least.

Love you miss lady...

Superbowl Sunday @ Ganas

Here are a couple pics from Superbowl Sunday @ my favorite Mexican restaurant Ganas in Milan.  Thanks to Gian Luca (the owner) for hooking up a TV and getting the game so us Americans and others could feel at home.

Tai & Auri

My friend Jason...plays bball near Milan

Manu, Vesna, & Auri

Bianchi, The Pharmacist, & Manu

Ganas is a must when you visit Milan.  Well maybe it is a must for me when I need a break from Italian food...visitors will probably be looking for Italian food. is a fabulous place with a great owner and staff.  The fajitas do the trick too.

Corso Como 2 -Milano

Premiata Pizzeria

I have a new favorite Italian restaurant in Milan thanks to my teammate Manuela Secolo.  Manu and I have had a wonderful time getting to know each other this season, and she has also introduced me to some of her amazing friends.  Normally I tend to hang out with my teammates, Americans, and a select few Italians.  But this year I have met some new great people that really know the meaning of friendship, and genuinely care.  Gas, Bianchi, and Francesco (The Pharmacist is his nickname) are my new 3 friends.  The Pharmacist is the owner of this fabulous establishment. Everything is wonderful, the pizza, pasta, meat, wine, can't go wrong at this place.  Now it is one of the places I walk in and an instant smile is on my face.  Here are a couple pics from our nights at Premiata.


The Pharmacist & I with the Daily Menu

The Bread holder...they say I need one for my shoes

New Friends...The Pharmacist, Bianchi, & Gas

We have had many great nights since we have met and I am so happy to have them in my life.  Thank you to Manu for being an amazing person and having fabulous friends.

Make sure you check this restaurant out if you are in Milan

Premiata Pizzeria
Via E. De Amicis, 22 - Milano

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vesna's Surprise

Last week was one of my teammates birthday.  We decided to surprise her with a little party.  I was in charge of getting her to the restaurant.  First of all I am a horrible liar.  Luckily I came up with a story that was some what believable.  The other hard part was we had to get her lil one (Nikola) and friend (Ivana) to the place as well.  So I had to stall and take the longest route possible to the restaurant while Manu got the others there.  She is new to the team and doesn't know the area well so it ended up being ok...but I really almost blew it.  Here are a couple pics from the little festa...

Nico (we had no idea she was in the back), Vesna, and I

Some of the team, and Nikola (Vesna's son in the back)

Vesna was so happy and it ended up being a great little party. Thank you to Ivana (Vesna's friend) for the great fun to surprise friends...

Another W

My team is on a roll.  Sunday we got another win against Castellana Grotte.It was a team the we were supposed to beat but as far as I'm concerned in the Italian league anyone can win on any given night.

Villa Cortese vs. Castellana Grotte 23-25, 25-21, 25-18, 25-11

But with the win we earned 2 days off.  I decided to spend the night in Milano after having a great dinner with some of my teammates. I had finally found a restaurant that served American style breakfast and I wanted to try it out Monday morning.  The place is called California Bakery...absolutely amazing...loved it.

This place is such a find for me and I can't believe I didn't know about it before.  I can't wait to go back...I was even thinking some time this week.  To top my wonderful Monday off I had a nice relaxing massage across the street from my house.  I must say Italians do massages a little differently then Americans and at times I do feel a little uncomfortable...but in the end it was needed for my body to recover and prepare for the week.

Next up Novara...yes again...the 3rd time in 15 days

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Lost in Milan

Last Thursday I had the day off and I decided to just walk around's fun seeing all the different people and getting lost in the streets.  This year I am exploring Milan in a different way then the other years.  Loving it.

This is my favorite random

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover Girl

I did an interview a while ago Volleyball USA Magazine and while I was in LA for my week off I took some pictures for it.  I didn't know that I was going to be on the cover. But here is it...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Not only were my friends, fans, and family mad that I was slacking in my blogging, I found out so was blogspot.  For some reason my background and logos have been deleted.  I am working on getting my blog back to normal...until then my blog will be looking quite plain.  Sorry.

Welcome back....Welcome back...Welcome baaaacccckkkk

It has been forever I know.  Almost a month and a half to be exact.  A lot went on in the month...a couple losses, a couple wins, a trip back to LA, many nights out in Milan, and much more.  But I can officially say I am ready to get back into this blogging business.  Here is a little volleyball update.  We ended with first round of the season unfortunately with a tough loss to our rival Busto Arsizio.  I say our rival because our 2 cities are only about 10 min away from each other...and I actually live in Busto.  But that loss is now is the far past but here is the score just in case you were interested.

Villa Cortese vs. Busto Arsizio  26-28, 27-29, 25-20, 25-21, 14-16

As you can see we let that one get away from us.  But we have learned and moved on.  After that match I got to leave the next day for a week in LA.  It was great to get back and to see the progress on my new place.  Unfortunately things were moving very slow.  But at least I can now say that things are almost done and everything planned will be complete this month.  Or next match was in the next week and we knew it was going to be a tough one.  And it sure ended up being one...we picked up another loss and this one was ugly.

Villa Cortese vs. Perugia  25-27, 17-25, 20-25

Nothing much to say about this one.  Perugia is a strong team and it is very difficult to play in their game...but no excuses...we played horrible.  These two losses caused a little drama on the team but it wouldn't be a normal Italian season without a little drama.  Luckily it passed quickly and got back on the winning track.

Villa Cortese def. Bergamo  25-20, 32-30, 25-22

At the time were were tied with Bergamo for 2nd place so it was a great win to put us apart from them.  Next up was the first match of the quarterfinals of Coppa Italia.  Coppa Italia is a big deal here in Italy.  After the first round of the season the top 8 teams compete for the Coppa Italia title.  Coming out of the first round in 2nd place we ended up matching up with Novara (Logan Tom's team).  The first match was to be played at Novara and the following week we would play my team's gym.

Villa Cortese def. Novara  21-25, 25-16, 25-17, 25-21

After a rough start in the first set my team really turned it on.  One of our best matches for sure.  And gave us a good opportunity to advance to the final 4.  Before we played Novara for the second time we had to travel to play Conegliano (Sarah Pava, and Makare Wilson's team).  I had never been to that city and was excited to play in a new gym that was very nice and filled with a great volleyball crowd.  A great city to play in.

Villa Cortese def. Conegliano 25-19, 32-30, 25-18

Once again we played a great match with a little scare in the 2nd set, but it showed how strong and patient we were.  Great team effort once again.  It was time to play Novara again to go to the Final 4 of Coppa Italia.  We needed to win 2 sets to advance.  We started the match off on fire winning the first set easily.  Also in the 2nd set we were in control until Logan went back and served about 8-10 balls and brought her team back.  But after that it was all Villa Cortese.  Taking the 3rd set to go to the Final 4 and eventually winning the match.

Villa Cortese def. Novara  25-17, 21-25, 25-19, 25-17

It is a pretty big deal for our team to qualify for the Final 4...and also means bonus time for me...not that that matters at all.

Sunday Castellana Grotte travels to our house for another match.  Right now we are sitting alone in 2nd place behind Pesaro.  We are going to continue to take one match at a time and continue to get better as a team each day in the gym.

Again I'm sorry for being missing in action for so long...but I'm back....