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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vesna's Surprise

Last week was one of my teammates birthday.  We decided to surprise her with a little party.  I was in charge of getting her to the restaurant.  First of all I am a horrible liar.  Luckily I came up with a story that was some what believable.  The other hard part was we had to get her lil one (Nikola) and friend (Ivana) to the place as well.  So I had to stall and take the longest route possible to the restaurant while Manu got the others there.  She is new to the team and doesn't know the area well so it ended up being ok...but I really almost blew it.  Here are a couple pics from the little festa...

Nico (we had no idea she was in the back), Vesna, and I

Some of the team, and Nikola (Vesna's son in the back)

Vesna was so happy and it ended up being a great little party. Thank you to Ivana (Vesna's friend) for the great fun to surprise friends...

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  1. U ar incredible!!!
    I hope our friendship will not be instant!!!
    Love u!!!!