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Friday, February 26, 2010


This past Monday was Manuela Secolo's (my teammate) birthday.  We decided to celebrate on Sunday night with a great dinner at the Pharmacist's Premiata restaurant with a small group of friends, and continued the night at our favorite bar Ganas.  The night was filled with a lot of eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing.  Most importantly Manu had a great time and even at one point in the night she told me it was her best Birthday ever...that made my night.  Here are a couple PG-13 pictures...

Bianchi bringing out the cake in my jacket...he wore it all night...looked better on him

Manu clapping to her birthday song...half Italian half English version

The note on the cake...

The drink team...Manu, Gas, Bianchi, & The Pharmacist

Manu reading her card from the Boyz

Manu singing...Maaaannnnuuueeeeellllaaaa Maaaannnuuueeeellllaaa...Famous Italian song

My outfit for the night...and Iza's new Louis purse....

Manu, Martina (Manu's sis), and Iza

Iza showing the Pharmacist some new moves

Don't ask...but it was later in the night

It was a fabulous night that went into the early hours of the morning...but we deserved it...we were also celebrating a big win over Urbino...and had the next day off.  

Great friends always makes for a great night...

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