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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Inspiration...

Kat Higgins is finally showing the world her talent.  After many years of looking out for her family, my dear friend has decided to pursue her music career in her terms and it's an inspiration.  Last night she performed at The Fine Line in Minneapolis...unfortunately I was stuck in Italy and was not able to witness the greatness.  But this is just a start and once everyone discovers the unique, soulful, and honest music, I will have many more opportunities to see her in action.  Please check out her new, and her existing fashion blog

You can listen to some of her original tracks on her website and there will be more to come.  I wish my dear friend the best in this fabulous journey of going for what you want in life and doing what makes you happy.  Kat just remember what we would talk about when we would watch seasons at a time of Sex and the City while eating pasta...I get to dress you or help at least.

Love you miss lady...

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  1. Boogie- you ROCK. Thanks for the love bomb. And you are so on with the dress up deal! (Would I go back to those days?? Heck yes!!)