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Friday, February 26, 2010

Adventures w/ Iza

As I said in a previous girlfriend Iza was here last week to visit me.  I hadn't seen her since right after the Olympics.  A little history on Iza and I...we met while both living in downtown LA in 2006.  Ever since then we have kept in touch...and made attempts to visit when we could.  We both love fashion, restaurants, shopping, and enjoying life in are a couple highlights from our week together...

Iza's Birthday dinner at The Bvlgari Hotel...

Iza making friends with Bartender & Manager...yes they are behind the bar

Iza at Nobu Milano

Yep...good sushi...Iza was eating the fish only

My 2 friends meet for the first time...Iza & Vally...Armani Prive

Thursday night dinner @ Manu's house...


Great graffiti door...Iza & I walking around Milan

Iza's random pics...

Vera...the name of Iza's mom

Iza grew up in wonder she likes Hello Kitty

Iza & our friend's watch...really???

Other highlights...

-Breakfast at California Bakery
-Dinner @ favorite Japanese spot Qor
-Dinner @ favorite Mexican spot Ganas
-Shopping at Louis Vuitton...they closed the store on us
-Iza drinking the biggest beer I have ever seen before my game...Dad you would have been jealous
-Iza screaming and yelling at my game
-Life Lessons...only Iza understands this one

Oh and so many more...had a great time and I hope she did as well.  Until the next time Iza.  Love you miss lady.

Ciao...practice time

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