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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Season Update

I have played 3 games since I got back from my mini vacation.  They were all tough for different reasons.  We game out 2-1 and really should have been 3-0 but better to get that loss out of the way.

Villa Cortese vs. Novara  25-21, 23-25, 25-15, 17-25, 15-13

This was an intense game.  First of all after having almost 3 weeks off from games it is always going to be difficult to play in the first one.  Second there was a lot of talk going on in the newspapers, our organization to their organization and it was getting ugly.  Third I was playing against 2 of my best friends, Vally and Logan.  Logan had a great game like always and Vally came in off the bench a help a lot.  Personally I didn't have my best game but I guess it was enough to pull off a big win.  I think it help having my mom and grandma there for the support.  Also it was great to see my Italian family... Vally's parents and brother.

Villa Cortese vs Urbino  25-27, 21-25, 27-29

I rather not talk about this one.  Lets just say it was one of those games where nothing went right.  But Urbino is a strong team and they have beat 3 of the top teams this season...but we still should have won this game and that is all I will say.  We will get then next time.

Villa Cortese vs. Piacenza 21-25, 25-15, 25-18, 25-17

We started off slow...playing without one of our best players.  But actually picked it up and ended up playing one of our lowest error matches.  The whole team really contributed and it was a good opportunity for our team to gain confidence going into our next match.

Pesaro is of my ex's

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