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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gotta stay on my grind...cause it's my time

Happy 4th everyone.  I know it is a little late but I had a me day today.  Normally on the 4th I am overseas at a Volleyball tournament, or I am in Hawaii at the beach, or at a BBQ somewhere drinking and eating way too much.  This year I did it a little different.  Woke up early cooked my egg whites and turkey bacon.  Got workout number 1 in.  Cardio and weights.  Had a little snack while I blogged a little.  Then went to the pool for some sun while I read the Bio of Chanel.  Then decided to go for workout number 2...felt great.  Ran hills on the treadmill and helped an elderly woman learn how to use the machines...she said I made her day and she is now more comfortable in the gym.  I told her it was great she is working out.  I was a Daymaker today.  After my second workout took a long shower, ate another snack and started to blog again.  It has been an interesting day but ended well.  I feel good about how I spent the 4th this year...might make it a habit.  I promise to surprise a lot of people this coming season...stay tuned.

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