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Monday, July 27, 2009


ESPYS...that's right.  Once again I was fortunate enough to go to the ESPYS again.  The week started out strong on Monday night at the Playboy Mansion for one of the Pre-ESPY parties. Of course I don't have pictures but if you find Kim Glass she might.  I am not a big picture taker so when I do have pictures they are normally gifted to me from other people.  It was fun to actually see the PBoy Mansion after hearing so much about it.  But really it is just like any other big venue...but good old HH markets it well.  Here is a general picture.  The red carpet was set out right in front of the main house.  Thank you UA for the hook-up.

Tuesday night was dinner with some of the UA crew and the official Pre-ESPY party at the J-lounge in downtown LA.  Very convinient for me since I live down there.   Here is my one picture from the dinner.  Pretty pathetic I never have good pics from great events.  I need to get better at that.  This is Eric O. (where is my hat?) and I right before having our espresso...getting charged for the night.

Adrienne, Tori & Kim later that night

Wednesday was the actual day of the ESPYS.  I had practice in the morning.  I rushed home and Molly (bomb make-up artist) met me at my house to help me out.  I ended up doing my own hair and rushing to get ready only to wait for my date.  My date was long time college friend, ex-NFLer, turned Financial Manager, head of the Jack Brewer Foundation Mr. Jack Brewer.  It was great to go with a good friend that appreciates sports and athletes as I do.  We got there late but it ended up being fine.  After the show I met up with Kim in the VIP room and the night continued from there.  

Misty May & I 

Adrienne & I

Yep all the pictures I have.  I will try to search for more.  But overall it was a great 3 days.  Met so many great athletes, and supporters.  I can't wait for next year.  Gotta keep promoting our sport here in the states...

Makes me smile

I don't know what it is about this picture that makes me so happy.  Is it the lil doggie that I want so bad...or is it that fact that someone actually put their lil doggie in a hot dog bun???
But it sure put a smile on my face...

Fall Preview

Of course I had to give a preview of my favorite brand.  Oh Louis...I can't.  Too bad none of them will reach my arms...I'm all about designing and decorating my Loft right now...But here is some eye candy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gotta stay on my grind...cause it's my time

Happy 4th everyone.  I know it is a little late but I had a me day today.  Normally on the 4th I am overseas at a Volleyball tournament, or I am in Hawaii at the beach, or at a BBQ somewhere drinking and eating way too much.  This year I did it a little different.  Woke up early cooked my egg whites and turkey bacon.  Got workout number 1 in.  Cardio and weights.  Had a little snack while I blogged a little.  Then went to the pool for some sun while I read the Bio of Chanel.  Then decided to go for workout number 2...felt great.  Ran hills on the treadmill and helped an elderly woman learn how to use the machines...she said I made her day and she is now more comfortable in the gym.  I told her it was great she is working out.  I was a Daymaker today.  After my second workout took a long shower, ate another snack and started to blog again.  It has been an interesting day but ended well.  I feel good about how I spent the 4th this year...might make it a habit.  I promise to surprise a lot of people this coming season...stay tuned.

Mama Boogs & I pick up some summer shades

I'm switching my style up a little...just picked up these new Oliver Peoples...lovin them...and even my mom got a new pair...officially making her the most hip mom out there.  Love you mom thanks for the little visit.  Glad you still like my new Loft.
Mama Boog's new ones

Mines...the pic does no justice...I'll post one of me with them on soon

Downtown Eats

I have a new favorite restaurant downtown...thanks to Mr. Mark E. Walker (my favorite neighbor) for the introduction.

700 South Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Menu Highlights:

Italian Salad
Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese
Burrata & Grape Tomatoes
New York Strip
Portobello Fries
Pizza (Italian Style foreal)

Next time:

Chocolate Souffle (takes 25 min to prepare)
Eggplant Parmesan
Stuffed Artichoke

Everything is meant to family style.  The restaurant is extremely loud so if you not into that you will hate it.  You can see the whole kitchen.  There is also a bar area were people chill out at and a place for take out like a little Italian Market.  It makes me happy there.  They have a Brunch that I want to try...maybe tomorrow.  Anyone up for it???

My lil Mallakis'

Just want to introduce everyone to my new friends...Athena and Christo...they have made my transition to LA much easier then planned.  I love lil Mallakis'
Throwback of Athena & Christo

The best I ever had....

Yes...the best sweats I ever had...I want to live in them and I live in LA and I still want to wear sweats.  You have to try them out.

Free city
There are all different colors and styles.  I'm not a huge fan of the things that they say like let's go...but the material is so luscious that it doesn't even matter.  I just bought a pair of purple one's.  I'm trying to add a little color to my life.  I will add more to my closet soon.  You can find them at the Ron Herman store on Melrose in Fred Segal.  Go and get a won't regret it.

Favortie Designers

Enza Costa

The Los Angeles based designer, who's collection bares her signature name, take a minimalist approach and "is about the woman who's not interested in trends but is inspired by individuality, unpretentious style and life experience". She uses tissue weight fabrics that are meant to layer over one another.  I have never felt fabric so will never want to wear anything else...I love soft.
Recently I have bought some of her items from a couple boutiques in LA, but yesterday I was at Fred Segal on Melrose and they have the best selection...More about Fred Segal later.

Maison Martin Margiela

This brand is the business.  Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer that keeps a very low profile.  His ultra discreet trademark consists of a piece of cloth with the numbers 0-23.  He has simple yet perfectly detailed and fitted pieces.  Ones that will never go out of style that will make a statement every time you wear them.  I would buy the whole collection if I could.  I can't wait for the fall stuff to hit the stores.  Gots to save up.  

AIDS Awareness Tee

I rocked this last night off the shoulder with some liquid leggings...the shirt doesn't have the shoulder pads that was just for his runway show.  The other pieces that I have are just fabulous. If you are in the LA area Fred Segal has a great collection.  Check it out.

Nixon Watches

I bought 2 funky affordable Nixon watches yesterday.  The are so fun.  They add a little funky style to the outfit rather than my normal real nice watches.  I bought a black and a pink one...rocked the black on last night and got so many compliments.   They would make as great gifts also.
I got this one in's sick...picture does no justice
I got this one in Pink...I can be such a girl sometimes


Well...I have been horrible with my blog skills.  I guess I am still getting settled here in LA.  I finally moved into my new Loft.  Slowly but surely I am filling it with furniture and making plans for some renovations when I leave back to play overseas.  I am loving living in Cali.  I get to do what I love to do...which is volleyball and I also get to explore some other interests I have.  It is quite a difference from living and training in Colorado Springs.  There is actually something I could be doing at all times.  It is having a life while playing volleyball, something I am not used to and trying to manage.  My knee is doing great and just trying to get better and stronger everyday.  I am on my grind because it's my time...just my new little saying.  I don't know if I mentioned before that I signed with another Italian team...Villa Cortese.  I am so excited to be back in Italy playing.  I miss the competition and the intensity of the sport. Training in Anaheim is going well.  Loving Hugh's (our coach) style of play and coaching.  I have learned more about volleyball in 2 months than I have in the last 15 years.  I'm excited to actually play under him as soon as I'm back competing.

A couple weekends ago my good friend Jack Brewer had a big fundraiser for his and Marion Barber's foundation.  I had a great time.  My girlfriend Kat worked very hard to put it together and it turned out fabulous.  So many of my old college friends were there and it was just a blast. Mint Conditioned performed...they are so talented.  Kat got to sing one song with them and she was's really where she should be.  Here some pictures of her doing her thing...she looks great.
Kat & Rick

Kat, Ini & I

Kat & I

I had a great time putting my outfits together for these events.  I also went a little out of my comfort zone with my hair.  Sporting bangs and a ponytail for the main event.  It was a little much for the normal Minnesota fashion...but I'm going to be me where ever I am.  I had the perfect little dress (Gucci) paired with Louis Vuitton heels, bag and earrings...loved it.  It will be repeated many times...and I don't care what people say about it.  Overall the weekend was a success and I am proud of Jack and his foundation.