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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Week in New York

One of the most fabulous weeks in New York is...Fashion Week. I will one day make it there...I will just have to be done with volleyball. It is so fun to see all the stars get dressed up for the big event, and it is also exciting to see the innovative designs from all of the classic and up and coming designers. This fashion week is dedicated to Spring of 2010. Isn't it crazy that we are just getting into fall and they are already showing Spring 2010? Well that's how it goes in the fashion world...Fall was already showcased back in February. Here are some stars getting daring with their outfits...I love the freedom of fashion.

I love the simple black dress with the statement necklace

Rhianna being her fashion forward self...really pushing it this time

Amber Rose maybe the only one that can pull that off

This one doing a little too much..what do you think?

Lindsay Lohan...not her best look

Victoria Beckham...I actually like this

Fashion week has only been going on for 3 days now and it is creating quite a stir in NY. As much as I love playing volleyball here in Peru, I can't say that part of me wants to be there...

One day I will be...I love fashion

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