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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoe Obsession

Since we have a couple days off from playing I thought I would blog about my shoe obsession.  First of all my preferred volleyball shoe would be the Mizuno Wave Nexus 3.  I have been playing in this shoe or a version of this shoe since I joined the national team.  It is not a volleyball shoe as much as our sponsor Mizuno tries to get us to wear the volleyball shoe, it is actually a running shoe.  My feet feel just right in them and I will probably never change unless they discontinue the shoe...I hope not.

My Mizunos (Mizuno Wave Nexus 3)

Now on to more exciting shoes.  My fetish is at a higher level for off the court shoes.  Almost to the point where I could call it a problem...but I will never let it get that far.  My fetish has to do with that fact that I am so interested in fashion, and shoes are a form of art in the fashion world.  Most might think I'm crazy but we all have our passions and interest, and this happens to be one of mine...shoe shopping.  So here is a look a few pairs of shoes I have bought this summer/fall.

Christian Louboutin Spiked Pigalle Pumps

Burberry Aviator Shearling Boot

Ruthie Davis Sushi Rock & Roll ( My fav)

Alexander McQueen Faithful Boot (but my pair is in army green)

Pretty out there I know...but that's me.  Just wanted to give you a little preview of what you might see me  in if you see me in clothes other then volleyball sweats or uniforms.  Can't wait to put these guys to use.

With Love from Japan...


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