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Monday, November 1, 2010


Not only did we get a big 3-0 win over Germany on Sunday...we are now 3-0 in the tournament.  Going into Sunday's match we were fully prepared to battle with Germany.  They have some talented players on their squad and knew we would have to be disciplined and alert to get the job done.  The first two sets were tight...but one thing this team is good at is making the big plays at the right time.  I think by the third set we had wore them down with our consistent serving and blocking.  Another positive to this win was everyone was not on their A a way that sounds like a negative...but in reality players can't always have a perfect match.  If our team continues to be able to beat strong teams like Germany 3-0 when not everything is clicking...I would say we have a very good chance of doing big things.  But for now we will concentrate on tomorrow's game against Kazakhstan.

Me & my red nails made the pic

Confident it

Today (Monday) we had the day off from games.  The team got in a quality practice at lunch time and the rest of the day off until video.  Logan and I took a walk around the city (Matsumoto).  Finally it was a beautiful day and it was time for me to get out of the hotel since I had been spending most of my free time doing therapy and watching movies.  On our little adventure she took me to a big department store, Starbucks, and the grocery store.  Both her and I love Japanese food so we picked up dinner at the grocery store which had little stands of different types of Japanese food.  But my favorite part of the trip was finding these little faces that expressed so much.  I will find a special spot for them in my loft.

These little faces are all handmade...each one different with a unique expression.  But what is so fabulous about these little guys is the message that is on the box.  Although the translation from Japanese to English was a little sketchy...the overall message was great.  In and is too short to hold your feelings in.

On that note...I want to thank everyone that had supported me through my career.  I write this blog for my friends and family that I am far away from, and the fans that do support me in a positive way.  It has been brought to my attention that I am not a fan favorite off the court.  I take that a little to heart because I make a real effort to respond to all messages and mail that I receive as long as it is positive.  If I have done anything to offend anyone or turn them off I sincerely apologize.  I will continue to do my blog for myself and ones that enjoy it.  I can't promise that it will always be about volleyball because I have many other interests, but I will always try to keep you updated.

Thanks again.  Sending Love from Japan.


  1. HEY LADY!!! I'm glad your blogging again! Im so happy you made the team and get to add this tournament to your already impressive resume. GO USA! Kick ass out there!

  2. You're one of my all time favorites. Very happy to catch up with what's happening in your life. One day, I hope to see you play before my own eyes at the stadium! Keep blogging! I'm looking forward to hearing more stories and to seeing you coming back making USA stronger. Best of luck out there!

  3. hope you got our personal msg. -Volleywood

  4. Glad to have found this blog. Greetings from a Gopher (and long-time Lindsey Berg) fan!

  5. Hi Lindsey, sorry to hear about you not being a fan tell you the truth I wasn't a big fan of yours before, but that all changed when I met you at the USA Women's Exo at Cal Berkley before the Olympics...I left with a feeling, she's awesome. you also sounded very sincere when you said you appreciated us (the fans) in showing up and supporting you guys before leaving for Beijing. I love Logan of course and Kim Glass stayed so long to sign autographs too. Good luck in Japan. Btw can you tell them to schedule you guys earlier, we need some to sleep in Calif...d;)

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