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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loft Shopping

For the last week and a half I have been trying to decide where I want to live.  It is such a great time to buy and I know Cali will be my home for the next 4 summers so I think it's the best next move for me.  I finally decided I wanted to be downtown LA.  I love what the city has done and there is so much room for growth still.  I love I love fashion.  It is a home that is a blank canvas and you can create the whole feel of it.  Think out of the box. Be creative. Do what no one else has done.  The possibilities are endless.

I think I have narrowed it down to 2 loft buildings.  The Biscuit Company Lofts, and Barker Block.

Biscuit Company...just a lil sneak peak

Barker Block sneak peak

I want that mirror...speachless

There is only one loft in the Biscuit building that I am considering, and right now that one is my first choice.  The Barker Block is newer and has a bunch of options but is still my second choice.  They both have beautiful pools, workout facilities and great restaurants in the surrounding area.  They are actually very close to each the Arts District of Downtown LA.  Meeting my Dad up there tomorrow afternoon to try out one of the restaurants.  It's called Church & State...heard it is remarkable...can't wait.

The Big Move

So a lot had been going on with my in the last 2 weeks.  I made the BIG MOVE to Cali to start training again with the National Team.  It was such and exciting move for me for a few reasons. First of all I was ready to get back to my normal vball life.  Second it's Cali and I am so close to my parents now.  I try to see them at least once a week.  And third there is so much to do here.  Here are a couple things I have already done.

1 Lake Show (Laker play-off game) 
2 Dinner at Katsuya (twice)
This picture does the place no justice...

3 Stayed and sat poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt
4 Chilled with the Hollywood crowd at My House, Area, Les Deux, and Falcon

Here are some pics of My House...incredible...I want it to be My House for real...

Area...not too shabby...

Les Deux

5 Attended the Elevee 3rd Annual Rookie Party (pretty cool company check it...might have to get some contacts there to help with my next adventures in fashion)

6 Late night food at Berris (its the late night spot to go after the club...its almost like being in a club...great pizza)

Along with doing all of those great things, I have been practicing once or twice a day, continuing my rehab, and just trying to get back.  Can't believe how much I missed playing.  It's great to be back out there.  

Coming soon my search for the perfect loft...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lexi doing the Tiger fist pump

And she is in her Cinco de Mayo hat...does it get any better then this???

Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been on Twitter for about a month now.  I forgot to let everyone know to follow me.  I am still learning how to do some stuff but it is kind of fun.  Follow me.

Everyone should start tweeting...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Internet Problem

So I have a couple pics from Miami but since I'm staying at my friend's house and the Internet is sketch I am having problems with the pictures.  I will try to fix the problem soon.  Lots of exciting things going on with me right now.  I will have updates soon.  Just trying to get settled...

Monday, May 4, 2009


I am so behind in my blog.  I was in Italy, Minnesota, Miami, North Carolina, and California all in one month and haven't had much free time to update everyone.  I finally finished my Italian update so now it's time for Miami.

First of all this was my first trip to Miami...I actually went my freshman year in college to see a high school friend but we didn't really experience Miami so I don't count it. The main reason for the trip was to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Jack Brewer Foundation.  A month or 2 ago I was in NY for one of his events.  I try to support his foundation as much as possible and hope to be more involved soon.  

I got there on Thursday and arrived at the Fontainebleau Hotel.   Supposedly the place to be.  The event was being held in one of the Penthouses.  The space was unbelievable...4 or 5 bedrooms, private pool, jacuzzi, ocean view and everything else you can think of.  I immediately changed into my zebra print swimsuit and got some sun.  After then venturing down to the pool at the private cabana, I checked into my room and decided to chill out a little.  As I was relaxing I tried to find my where to be found.  I was going crazy.  It wasn't at the Penthouse, wasn't anywhere.  All I could think of was it was stolen out of my purse or I left it in the taxi cab...too bad there are about 1 million cabs in the city.  I was certain it was gone and immediately started cancelling everything.  What a way to start my trip...I was so angry and couldn't shake it.  I met Jack and a couple of his friends at one of the 9 restaurants in the hotel. The food was amazing...yet I was still mad.  We decided to hit up the club Set...I was still mad.  I decided to call it a night, and wait for my friend Kat to arrive into MIA so I could vent to her. She got in around 2am and we both passed out...hoping for a better day.

The next couple days were filled with sun and helping Jack get ready for the party.  We went to a couple great restaurants.  One called Vita...amazing.  I had the best artichoke & lobster salad. Probably one of the best dishes I have ever had.  We also got some Cuban food on Ocean Dr. the last night at Larios on the Beach.  Great food.  The other clubs with we checked out were LIV in the Fontainebleau hotel (good music, good crowd), and the Louis Lounge in the Gansevoort Hotel (cool vibe).

Overall the trip was a success. Oh wait did I mention my wallet got returned...yes 24 hours later.  A photographer that works with Jack was in the Penthouse when I first arrived. Somehow my wallet ended up in his photo bag...don't ask cause I don't know.  And he also felt the need to tell me that he found it next to his Gold Bond that his friend needed for a reason I should not say.  Anyway, long story short, I was happy since I got all of my info and wallet back, but still was mad that he had it for a whole day and I had already cancelled everything.  But the trip ended on a high note.

I was then off to North Carolina to see my sis and her little ones...Lexi and Noa.