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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guilty as Charged

I might have officially been named the "Worst Blogger Out There"... and I completely deserve it.  But I'm back and going for the "Best Comeback" award this time.  A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks since I last blogged.  More non-volleyball then volleyball related things.

First I will get the volleyball out of the way.  Our last game was actually now almost 3 weeks ago.  We had to travel down South...the only team that far South.  Luckily we got to fly which is always an exciting experience especially when you are flying the discount airline easyjet.  Yep if you ever fly easyjet be prepared for a push fest to get the best seat possible because it is first come first serve...yep no seat assignments.  After an interesting flight, and an interesting ride in little buses to the hotel we finally got there.  Going into this game we were 2-1 with 7 points.  Our coach told us if after 4 games we had a total of 10 points we could have 7 days off.  After getting the big win over Conegliano I was confident going into this match and booked a ticket home to the states knowing this would be my only opportunity all season.  Good thing my team was on a roll and we rolled right through Castellana Grotte as well 3-0 and I was on my way back to the states.

Villa Cortese vs. Castellana Grotte 25-19, 25-23, 25-19

The following day (Monday) I went back to Milan with the team and from there continued on to the states.  I decided to break my trip up a little so the travel wouldn't be as difficult on me and I would get to see some friends that I hadn't seen for a while.   I stopped in Minneapolis Monday night.  My dear friend Laura Bush (assistant vball coach @ U of Minn.) picked me up and off we went.  We stopped by my hotel...Aloft Minneapolis...for a quick change.  This was my first time staying at this hotel.  I always was interested in are some pics.  Very simple, modern, and inexpensive...

After putting on my Bopbasics black off-the-shoulder cashmere sweater, Alice & Olivia black baggy shorts, and my over-the-knee Report Signature Fairfax boots we were off to one of my favorite restaurants in the city 112 eatery.  Ofourse I wish I took pictures of my outfits for you...but I really do hate pictures...but I might start.

If you are in Minneapolis you have to try 112 eatery.  Laura and I feasted on...

romaine leaves with roquefort dressing
zucchini w/ chorizo
pan-fried gnocchi w/ parmesan reggiano
risotto w/ calamari & sausage

I had to mix in a couple new dishes with my favorites.  My other friend Kat joined us for some wine and at the end of the meal Vera joined us to go out on the town for a little bit.  We ended our night at Envy Nightclub with a bunch of other friends that met us there...a great night.  But I had to be up early to catch a flight to LA.

I slept the whole flight knowing I had a big day ahead of me.  My dad was picking me up at the airport with my car and then my mom was meeting us at my loft to see the progress.  While I have been gone for the last month I have been doing some additions and decorating my loft.  This was the main reason I traveled all the way back to LA was to check on it and make final decisions.  It was great seeing my parents even though it was a short visit.  But I will take whatever I can get, especially since this trip was unexpected.

Also at my loft was my friend/designer Breanna who flew in town from NY to finalize everything for my loft.  I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't much change, I really wanted to walk in a see a different loft.  But I now understand things like this take a lot of time and money might I add.  I can't wait to post pics when it is all finished.

Along with loft decisions I got to see one of my best friends Kim Glass before she was off to the Czech Republic to play.  Tuesday we had a great dinner @ one of our favs...Katsuya Hollywood.  Nothing like good watermelon mojitos, crispy rice w/ spicy tuna, and miso black cod.  Oh and did I mention great company.  Kim introduced me to two of her good friends...DouggieFresh & those guys.  After we headed to MyHouse...not really my house but a club in Hollywood called MyHouse.  Couldn't ask for a better first night back in LA.

The following 2 days were filled with errands and decisions for the loft, a quick trip to Anaheim to see the National team girls and coaches that are working hard in the gym, and lots of running around.  Luckily I was able to get everything done that I wanted to, and even got to slip in another great dinner with KG at the new Hollywood restaurant Philippe.


I love the black, white and red theme.  I can't remember all that we ate because we tried so many things.  But I do recommend it.  It was another memorable experience with KG.  Great food, atmostphere, conversation, and even a greeting from Lionel Richie (one of my favorites), and Randy Jackson (Judge on American Idol).  Can't wait for another dinner with KG.

The next day (Thursday) I was off to Minneapolis again to catch a Gopher Volleyball & Football game, have a couple fabulous dinners with friends, and spend my last days in the States.

To be continued...

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