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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tough Loss to Bergamo

Sunday my team matched up against the strong Italian Club Bergamo.  This team has a winning tradition and has been playing together for many years. We knew we had our work cut out for us.  The city of Bergamo is only about an hour away on the bus, so we left the day of.  I like to practice in the gym that we are playing in because it is always different for setters. Lights, background, how the ball travels, and so on.  But since we left the day of there was no practicing in the gym.  We got to Bergamo really early so we took a little stroll of the city.  Bergamo is absolutely gorgeous, and a fun fact is it is split into two.  The low city is filled with classic modern buildings, wide roads, and shopping.  The high city is a medieval walled village overlooking the Lombardia countryside, and you can take a cable car to get there.  I would love to explore Bergamo a little more...

Back to volleyball.  So we were at the gym really early and very anxious to play.  We started out slow but ended up pulling out the first game 26-24. Bergamo then took control of us in games 2 & 3.  We fought back with a great game 4 and hoped it would carry on to game 5.  Unfortunately Bergamo's passing was incredible and they got out to an early lead and pulled out the win.  Luckily our championship is on a point system.  If you win 3-0 or 3-1 you get 3 points, and the looser gets nothing.  If you win 3-2 you get 2 points and the looser gets 1.  So we ended up getting 1 point, still making it possible for me to maybe go home for a week.

Warming up...leading the pack

After waiting and hour for 2 of my teammates to get drug tested we returned to Villa Cortese.  Logan (friend & National Team teammate) played her match in Piacienza which was not far either.  We decided to meet each other in Milan for a nice Mexican dinner.  We had a great time, saw some other friends, ate good food, and listened to good music.  After dinner with both went home to prepare for our next match which was on Wednesday.

Overall it was a successful Sunday.  Even though we didn't win, we still got a point off of Bergamo which is good, and we continued to grow as a up Conegliano.

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