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Friday, October 23, 2009

Back at it...Finally

Last Sunday was our first game.  Really I had no idea how it was going to go.  I was still getting in my own groove and adjusting, and the other Italians had just joined the team after winning the European Championship.  We had practiced a total of 5 days together before the match and it wasn't an easy team that we were up against.  I have to say it showed that we hadn't played together long.  But we did pull out a big win, and saw some spurts of how good of a team we can actually be.

Villa Cortese vs. Perugia 25-22, 14-25, 30-28, 29-27

It was a great feeling after we won the match, and definitely a relief since it was so close.  I forgot how excited the fans, coaches, and sponsors get after the match.  I missed that this past year not playing.  After the celebration I was awarded Player of the Game.  They gave me a fabulous clock which I will NOT be putting up in my new loft in LA.  What happened to cash bonuses??? Check it out...and yes that is my lovely couch it is rested on...I don't spend much time there.

There were some surprises in the other games.  Big teams such and Novara (my old team who now has Logan Tom), and Pesaro (my first team for 3 years) lost in 3.  And Bergamo and Jesi (Heather Bown's team) got challenged in 5 set matches.  It shows that this year the league is very even and there will be no easy matches.

In social life news...Last week I got to see my friend Meika Wagner, volleyball player and an up and coming designer...when I have my store she will be featured in it.  I have also been able to do many great dinners with Logan and my Italian girlfriend Vally.  Poretti (my fav restaurant in Novara, Nobu (twice, including a 150 euro lunch), Origami (for Vally's Birthday celebration), and Ganas (my fav Sunday night mexican/hip hop hang out).  It is great having them so close and being able to get out of the house.  Logan and I spent the day in Milan on Monday, where we had our very expensive lunch at Nobu. I told Logan it was because she had 5 cups of tea...she didn't buy it.  Then we went shopping, unfortunately or fortunately my credit card was acting up since I didn't tell them I would be in Italy so I ended up not buying anything.  But this is what I was about to buy....

They will be there next time...But I had a great time watching Logan spend money and just being away from Volleyball.  Many more shopping days to come...

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  1. Me and my wife were @ the game vs Perugia. Let me say only this: you're awesome! Best setter ever seen. Later, Simone.