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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Update

To all of my blog followers I am so sorry I have not updated recently.  It has been quite and adventure relocating to LA and beginning my new life here.  Practice has been intense and my knee situation gets better everyday.  It feels great to be back out on the court.  I also recently bought a loft in Downtown LA.  I love's my lil nest, a place where I can escape to.  I have a lot of decorating to do, and it probably won't be finished until next summer.  But I will post some pics when I get it in order.  I also signed a contract to go back to Italy and play next season.  I will be back in the Milan area in the city Villa Cortese.  I can't wait to get back out there and play.

I am loving being in Cali.  I am so close to family and friends.  I am meeting great new people everyday, and it is truly the start to a great 4 years.  That's all for now but I will get back on it soon.


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