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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Summer Moments

Kim & I (one of many nights)

Kim & Jen...BBQ @ my loft

Kat & I in Minnie for Jack's event

Erica & Phil's Big Day

Rachel & I @ my Birthday Party

Bianchi, Manu & I in Hawaii

Kim & I after the ESPYs

Like Father Like Daughter

So many memories this summer thanks to all my wonderful friends and family.

Love you all...


  1. Hi Lindsey! I've just wanted to say one thing : You are simply the best! I adore you, thanks for sharing some news with us!

    Hugs from Poland <3

  2. Bergie, can't get my eyes away from watching you. Beside an excellent setter, you're so beautiful & sexy too ;) Keep it up !!!