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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2nd free weekend...

As I previously said...we had 2 weekends off from games.  The 2nd weekend I had Sunday off...and Manu and I decided to go for a late lunch in Milan at our friend the Pharmacist's restaurant.  We ended up staying there for at least 4 hours enjoying great food and great company.  Then spontaneously I brought up going bowling...and all were for it.

Manu, Bianchi, Pharma, and I times...

Pre-bowling lunch...Pharma & Bianchi


Manu showing her skills

Strike for Bianchi

Manu & I

I love when we have a little time to do things that we normally can't we are trying to make it a once a week thing...we will see...I need to practice on my own before the next round...

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