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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Volleyball vs. Modeling

Today I had my 2nd photo shoot experience.  My first one was about 4 months ago, and it was one of the longest and most exhausting days of my life.  At first I thought it was because I just had knee surgery, or because I went out the night before.  But today I realized the real reason...modeling is just plain difficult. I would choose a day of volleyball over a day of modeling in a second.  I have so much more respect for models now that I have experienced a couple photo shoots.  The attention to detail is more extreme then anything I have experienced.  Wish I could tell you what it was for but you will find out soon enough...and I promise to post the pictures...only if I like them ;) 

Part 2 of the shoot is tomorrow...and then off to practice at the U of M (University of Minnesota). If you didn't know I am the volunteer coach for them this winter/spring, and loving every minute of it.  The girls are great to work with, the coaching staff is amazing, and we laugh 99% of the time.  It has also allowed me to start playing a little again. It feels really good to be back out there on the court...never thought vacation could get old...but it has.

After a long week of photo shoots, and practice I decided it is time for a little trip.  I will be flying out to New York on Thursday to attend The Jack Brewer Foundation Fundraiser.  Jack is one of my best friends from college and I try to support every event of his when I can.  Last year Kim Glass, and Logan Tom joined me for his first Fundraiser.  This year I will be going with my long time college friend Kat.  I can't wait.  The fashion, streets, diversity and feeling of NY excites me.  I will be blogging throughout the trip...hopefully I will have some pictures for you also.  But first things first...getting some rest before Part 2...I have to kill it tomorrow...better yet I WILL kill it tomorrow...


  1. long as we know the goal is gold in 2012--can't lose if you love it enough

  2. hi lindsey! Your little story is very interesting I think volleyball is a sport very good and if they relate to the model is much better ... I hope you fence very well in your journey to new york

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